Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Regional Office ... is not really an office!

I picked up The Regional Office is Under Attack! by Manuel Gonzales because how can you walk away from a book with that title? Then I read the blurb and discovered that female assassins were defending the world from evil, and I thought -- even better! I love me some female assassins! Any time a lady badass pulls out a sword or hands out a beatdown in a book, I am lining up for the sequel.

However, the title misled me a bit. I was hoping it might have echoes of And Then We Came to the End, with office politics and humor (through the lens of assassin workplace issues, of course), and there were definitely some feints in that direction, but it was much more a book about feeling left out of the in crowd, mixed with RIGHTEOUS VENGEANCE. Not at all disappointed in the book, just ... not what I expected. But, sign me up for the mechanical arm waiting list.

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