Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I don't have any childhood pictures of myself (during the Ugly Decade from age 6-16 I managed to
hide my face behind a menu or a tree in every family photo I couldn't avoid) but if I did they would look very much like Una LaMarche's. Which makes sense, because her memoir could be mine. I too had childhood fantasies of martial-arts beatdowns set to hip-hop medleys! I too have conversations with my husband that involve the trick question "What are you sorry for, being a dick or not supporting me emotionally?" (Incidentally, poor Jeff deserves the Longsuffering Helpmeet award for his husband role -- he can sit next to David Sedaris' boyfriend Hugh at the luncheon. When he looks at Una's Tootsie Roll Log Cabin and asks, "Is it a ... turd yurt?" I snorted my chai latte.)
Unabrow made me laugh loud enough to draw attention from others in the house, simultaneously sending my back to the best era of the past millennium (need you ask? It's the early 90s) and finding the humor in my current parenting and relationship concerns. So very hilarious!

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